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kids who love matt skiba
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1) dont be hatin'
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3) be reasonable...
4) no "what about dan and derek blah blah blah" talk about them, yeah sure, but dont bitch about this being a matt community, go make your own
5) speak your mind to a certain extent
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welcome to the first matt skiba community ever
say whatever...good or bad...just keep it skiba/alkaline trio related and respect others opinions, if not, ill delete the post or kick you out

Follow me here: Punk rock is like Joan Rivers. In an ongoing quest for eternal youth, it continually tears at the flesh of its own face, pushing and prodding and tightening and twisting
until what emerges is a boring old monster that, somehow, everyone is OK with looking at. And this far down the line, punk rock has been reshaped so many times it sometimes looks like a busload of 70-something sun-bunnies in coastal Florida, face lifted into an army of look-a-likes. Somewhere along the ride, its mean spirit left the tuneful bands for hardcore and metal, and punk rock filled with melody became nice. And funny. And safe. And dull as shit.

Matt plays guitar and does the vocals for Alkaline Trio,he did the vocals on the two hit singles Stupid Kid and Private eye.He Was born in Chicago,and now lives in California,he used to play in the bands Jerkwater,The Traitors and Blunt.Matt started the band Alkaline Trio with Rob Doran and glenn Porter.Glenn Then left along with Rob and then came along Dan Adriano,who is still in the band today.Then Mike Felumlee came along and was the new drummer for Alkaline Trio. He later left and then the legendary Derek Grant later became the drummer.Matt is the only member to have stayed in the band since it started.

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